Aside from a short stint of insight in the sixth grade, until the age of 27, I was a lifelong meat enthusiast. Before I became a pescetarian in 2010, I planned on starting a cheeseburger blog, reviewing cheeseburgers that I had at different restaurants around the country.  And after accomplishing the feat of eating a 48 oz. steak on two separate occasions, I was set on eating the 96 oz.

I didn't stop eating meat because of an ethical epiphany. I simply had a bad cut and never looked back. Naturally, once I made the decision, I began to watch movies like Food Inc. which opened my eyes up to the extent to which many of us are disconnected from the origins of our food, physically and emotionally.

My initial intent with FugeeBurger is to illustrate that we can create a lot of delicious and creative dishes with whole, vegetable based ingredients. I'm starting with the burger because it has been my favorite food for as long as I can remember and I think the best chance at making this work is to follow passion.

Over the long term, I hope FugeeBurger will be a vehicle for more. From day one, we are committed to sharing our operating profits 3 ways: 33% goes towards volunteering organizations (Big Brother, Habitat For Humanity, VolunteerMatch, etc.), 33% goes towards equally distributed employee bonuses for every employee and 34% is retained as earnings. 

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