What is in these burgers?

Our first burger is a jalapeno lentil burger with a simple list of ingredients: pardina lentils, jalapeno peppers, yellow onions, organic wheat flower, sea salt, organic cane sugar, yeast and organic sunflower oil

What are the nutrition facts?

Are the burgers vegan?


Great, they are vegan. Are they gluten free?
Unfortunately, we could not make our first burger gluten free. They are, however, free of soy and nuts. Our mission is to make delicious burgers without ingredients that aren't essential. While there are great tasting gluten free options, they typically require more ingredients. We hope that future iterations of our burgers will be offered as gluten free.
Why Are You Distributing 1/3 of Your Earnings to Volunteer Organizations?

We're of the belief that people everywhere volunteering their time, energy and talents is the best and most efficient way to help society as a whole. With the general volunteer rate below 25%, we think that there is a lot of room for people to contribute a little of their time each month to a cause that is passionate to them. Troves of data also show that volunteering not only helps the beneficiary of the service, but the person serving. 

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